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Wine Bottle Pinot Noir Scented Candle

Wine Bottle Pinot Noir Scented Candle

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There's nothing quite like the bouquet of a good wine. You can "drink in" our wine bottle candle featuring the scent of Pinot Noir without taking a sip. The charming green glass container looks like the bottom of a wine bottle, enhancing the grapey theme. The delectable scent of Pinot Noir boasts the delicate notes of strawberry and cherry. The heart of plum, cassis, and jasmine is accented with cinnamon, followed by a dry down of white woods and vanilla. Drink it all in without having to secure a designated driver!

Lead and tin free cotton wick.

Burn time: 40 hours.

Weight 1 pound. 3" x 3" x 5". Glass, Soy Blended Wax. UPC Number: 843730054697.
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