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Dropship Guide

Drop Shipping Distribution
Dropship orders are self-service and must be placed online.

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Resale & Sales Tax Information
Email your state seller’s/ sales tax permit copy or fax toll free to 1.866.669.6550.
Do not email the number, we must have a physical copy.
Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire and Oregon only furnish EIN copy.

State law mandates that a sales permit is required to honor California resale orders as non-taxable. By entering your state resale tax number in the checkout process, you are certifying that your order is for resale purposes only and you are assuming responsibility for reporting sales tax to the proper agency. We must have a copy of your state resale tax number or exemption certificate on file. When ordering, you MUST enter your state sales tax number, “exempt” or “on file” in the designated field found on the order form in checkout. If you do not enter your state sales tax number and/or you have not faxed us a copy of your state sales tax permit or exemption certificate, you will be charged sales tax.
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