Fulfillment by Amazon Information

Amazon FBA Requirements:

Koehler Home Décor ships to Amazon warehouses.

A minimum purchase of $100.00 in merchandise is required.

A maximum of 80% of available merchandise may be purchased.

If you wish to supply pre-paid labels you must order by the case quantity.

To verify stock availability, case quantity and weight please refer to the Inventory List (Stock Count) located in the Wholesale Resource Center.

After creating your shipping label to determine where Amazon will be routing your inventory, place your order online.

Directly after placing your order, email your shipping label and item labels. If you use Amazon item labeling service, email your shipping label only and please advise us your item labels will be created by Amazon.

Item Labels: Each Unit you send to Amazon for fulfillment needs a unique scannable bar code to enable storage at a fulfillment center. We support 30 labels per page (1” x 2 5/8” on US Letter). Item Label Requirements

Shipment Label Requirements Each box or pallet that you ship to Amazon must be properly identified with a shipment label. Shipping Label Requirements

Packaging and Shipping Inventory to Amazon Guide: FBA Overview
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