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How to Use Facebook for Business Successfully

Aug 8, 2014

With over 1.28 billion users and 90 million status updates daily, Facebook is still ranked number one out of all social media sites. People all over the world check Facebook daily, which gives businesses that use it an excellent chance to reach an extremely wide audience.

Facebook is user-friendly, easy to customize and easy to navigate through. The News feed allows people to see continuous updates of their contacts and the pages they subscribe to. This allows you to get your posts and updates out to people without having them actually visit your page.

Whatís great about marketing your business on Facebook is that people tend to share posts, pages, products and services that they like with their friends. If you have a reliable company that sells good products or offers excellent services, then your customers are likely to ĎLikeí you and give you good feedback. And because 78% of people trust peer recommendations over ads, then you could easily get friends of these customers to trust your product or service over the thousands of others which were not peer-recommended.

What should I post on a Facebook business page?

The businesses that have been most successful using Facebook are those that know how to engage with people. Itís important that you create a page that people want to check out and participate with. When anyone Likes or comments on something you posted, itís shared with their network of friends as ď____ commented on ____ís statusĒ. If a subscriber posts a good review to your product or service, or even simply shows interest in a status update, then their network of friends are able to learn about it and you have the chance to gain a bigger following. Remember that the more people comment or like something you posted, the more Facebook shows your post in peopleís News Feeds to increase your reach.

Here are some helpful tips on what to post once you've got your Facebook page running:

► Product information

Use Facebook to showcase your products and services. Inform your subscribers of the benefits of using your product as well as some of its special features. You could also post articles that mention your company or product, as well as positive reviews from people. Just make sure you donít overdo it so as not to bore people; or, be seen as an over-promoter. And use images, a lot. Images draw clicks, likes and shares on Facebook more than any other kind of post.

► Useful information related to your industry

Include posts about interesting trivia and tips on things simply related to your field. You donít want to lose peopleís interest by having a page that just pushes your products onto them. You have to pique their interests and demonstrate that your page is not just about advertising but something that offers them more. Post informative and fun articles that your subscribers may read, like and share to their friends as well as news articles related to your niche.

► Special offers

61% of people say that they interact with company pages to get discounts and special offers, so make sure you give your Facebook fans what they want. Offer special discounts and promos to people who subscribe to your Facebook page. You could also choose to offer rewards to the first person to like or share your post so that people will constantly be on the lookout for new posts on your page. And the more they click your page, the more often your posts show up in their News Feed.

► Questions and answers

Post common questions about your company or products and offer answers or solutions to them. Another great way to engage with the Facebook community is to pose questions simply for fun and ask for peopleís responses. Itís an easy way to encourage your subscribers to comment and create discussions on your page. Also, donít forget to respond to any queries that your customers may have.

► Upcoming events

Use Facebook to help spread the word about your latest events and/or product launches. Send out event invites and encourage people to RSVP to let invitees know who theyíre going to see at the event and get them excited about it.

► Photos and videos

Few businesses post enough photos aside from their product images which is a shame since the photo bar on your wall gives people who come across your page a quick view of things that may interest them. Post appealing photos and videos not only of your products but your staff, the area you do business in and even amusing, click worthy memes (Grumpy Cat etc.).

► Inspiring quotes

Some businesses choose to post inspiring quotes every now and then that their fans may like and share with others. This can also help get your subscribers to check up on your page more often is they begin to associate you with this kind of engaging content.

► Fun games and contests

Give people something fun to do by offering them cool games and contests to participate in. This will help get people involved as well as allow to learn more about your company.

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