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Merchandising Great Retail Displays

The retail business is not an easy one. Even if your product is almost totally unique there is always going to be competition. In the offline retail business there is always going to be another store or vendor vying for your customers' hard earned cash.

There are a lot of elements involved in offline retail marketing but one of the most important - but sometimes most overlooked by smaller businesses - is the value of a great retail display.

You do not have to be an artist to create a great retail display, you simply need to develop an eye for what works and learn how to put together a retail display that can grab your customer's attention in the very limited time you have to do so. Here are some very important tips to keep in mind when you are creating retail displays:

Find the Focus

An overstuffed display can be almost as bad as one that is sparse and boring as they both often lack one of the most important elements of a successful retail display - a real focus.

To figure out a great focus point for your display you need to determine:

Where do you want your potential customers to look? You need a central focus to catch their eye.
Once you have grabbed the customer's attention how do you want their eye to travel through the display?

Often a display works best if you have a certain product that is the main focus but one that is then 'accented' with complementary products. It may also be that a printed sign or advertisement might be the best way to create a true focus instead if you are trying to draw attention to a special offer or sale.

Whenever possible your intended focus of the display should be as close to eye level for most customers as possible. A lot of table displays - and even window displays - are set too low so you will need to find a way to elevate your focus object(s) to the right height.

Have a Basic Design in Mind

Before you actually begin to build your display sketch it out. You do not need to create a work of art, just a basic idea of where you want to place products in the space that you have to work with.

Keep Things Simple

Retail displays with too much going on are just confusing to the consumer's eye and they really will not know where to look. Simple geometric rows are often the most effective way to display a number of products and maintaining a link between all of the products in the display is important as well.

Light it Just Right

Taking the time to light a display the right way can really make a difference. Often if a retail display is simply lit from above then the light will cast some rather unattractive shadows that will not only minimize the effectiveness of your display but make the merchandise itself look bad as well (or at least not showcase it to its best effect.)

An investment in good retail display lighting is not really optional it is something of a must. You do not necessarily need to spend a fortune, the chances are that you will be able to find some great, inexpensive options that are easy to use right at the local home store.

Accessorize if you Have to

There are some retail items that display better when they are surrounded by 'props' that you do not necessarily sell yourself. Making the investment in some great props can make or break the success of a display, especially if you are promoting larger items that are better seen in their 'natural environment' like items of furniture or certain types of niche clothing (sports clothing for example.)

Creating great retail displays is something of an art but it is an art that can be learned. You may have to test different options until you come up with just the right one but the extra effort should make a difference in the most important way in the end - an increase in sales.

Koehler Home Decor is a wholesaler of home decor accessories and unique gifts. Source quality wholesale merchandise at KoehlerHomeDecor.com and find tips for promoting your business on our blog.

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